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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny Books Kids Would Write

I love this! Miss Dulek's first grade class reviewed funny books for April's Save the Laughing Children! and designed book covers for their own funny books.

We'll start with some book ideas inspired by the books they read. Sequels, perhaps?:

Instead of Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten, by Audrey Vernick, ill. by Daniel Jennewein, we have is Your Buffalo Ready for First Grade by Emily F.

Actually, there is a real-life sequel to this book coming out this summer: Teach Your Buffalo to Play the Drums.

Scaredy Squirrel, by Melanie Watt, is about a scaredy squirrel. Lily's book is about a SCARY squirrel. The girl is saying, "Your sckaring me!" A squirrel that's bigger than you are? Yeah, I'd be sckared, too!

I believe this one must be based on No, David by David Shannon. Only, in this case, it's No, Jackson, by Jackson W.

Here is a new take on Rhyming Dust Bunnies, by Jan Thomas, called Ryming Frogs, by Claire:

I love Nick's review of Dinotrux, by Chris Gall, which says the story is about Dinosors that are Turks. Possible spinoff?

But this book, about trucks that are now robots, set in the future, is a great idea, too!

Now for some funny--yet action packed--book ideas:

The Evil Dr. He doesn't have time to spell it out for you.

Babby vs. Bigfoot (who is literally a big foot.)

And probably the best title...Ocktapoos.

This worksheet asked, "What would your book be about?" Wolf said, "ocan." Of course. Ocktapoos live in the ocan. But based on the picture, the book is also about tons of other awesome stuff, too, such as: ninjas, a cloud guy, a guitar, an evil smiley face, guy with a pointy hat and H shirt, lady who needs to be rescued, a kid playing kickball, and an ocktapoos (obviously.)

And, finally, Easter Eggs. If you can write a funny book about Easter Eggs, you will never go hungry in this business!

Miss Dulek and her class did an awesome job! Some of these ideas really could be books. Put them in your pocket for later, kids. The world can never have enough funny books!


  1. I think some of these could be bestsellers!

  2. I agree! Is there a book about Big Foot which is literally about a big foot? I would want to read that book!