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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Princess & Fairy Books

I was a tomboy growing up. I had to be. I had all brothers and a neighborhood full of boys. Unless I wanted to spend all day acting out The Facts of Life with my paper dolls (which I sometimes did,) I had to man up!

But even I couldn't resist a good princess book or fairy story. And to this day, I still love a good princess or fairy story. Here are some, not reviews really, but shout outs about just such picture books.

Things I would do if I had a daughter: 1. Read this book. 2. Take her on a fairy tracking excursion. 3. Read this book again. In The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, by Ammi-Joan Paquette, ill. by Christa Uzner, real-life girls (depicted in photos) find fairy-type things, like an acorn for making a souffle, a tulip for hide & seek, and a fluffy dandelion for a pillow. The girls are always just missing the fairies, who are whimsically illustrated.

If you lose a tooth in Europe or Latin America, the Tooth Fairy isn't coming. Dry your eyes, my little Capitalists! You can still trade it in for cash. A mouse will collect it. In Spain and Latin America, his name is El Raton Perez. In this book, Miguelito is Mexican-American. So the Tooth Fairy AND El Raton Perez show up for the tooth! Who will get it? The Tooth Fairy and El Raton Perez, by Rene Colato Lainez, ill. by Tom Lintern, is a fun look at how teeth are collected around the world.

A sweet book for the young princess and Pinkalicious set. In her heart, Gerry knows she's a fairy princess, and she busily carries out her princessly duties in her day to day life. I love that her name is Gerry. You don't hear that name much anymore. (It also happens to be my Nana's name.) This book is by Julie Andrews, who apparently was in show business. (I might have all of her musicals memorized.) It's also by Emma Walton Hamilton and illustrated by Christine Davenier.

Rapunzel, by Sarah Gibb, is a princess book I'd like to get my hands on. The cover reminds me of the Disney princesses I grew up watching at the movie theaters during select release dates--Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel looks grown up, elegant, you know, princess-y!