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Monday, August 29, 2011

September's Theme: Save America's Favorite Pastime! (and the Picture Book)

Welcome back to a new school year and a new theme for Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.) September's theme is baseball! Summer may be winding down, but baseball is at its most exciting as teams prepare for the playoffs.

What better time to enjoy the many great baseball picture books out there?

Please take a look at this month's printable flyer, which tells how your children or students can:

1. Read picture books.
2. Write and draw reviews.
3. Win picture books for your home or classroom.

This month, we'll be featuring baseball books for all ages. Some tell a story about the game, some tell a story about our history, and some are just plain fun. The sport simply lends itself to great stories.

Please note the many nonfiction books this month. Nonfiction picture books are a great way for students to learn about history and other subjects. They're fun to read and easy to remember because of the pictures!

Now...play ball!