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Friday, May 6, 2011

Scaredy Squirrel Kid Reviews Part 3

I'm loving these Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach reviews from the 2nd grade St. Peter's classes. So much so that I'm giving each their own day. Today's reviews, by Mrs. Burton's class are especially vibrant. Oh, yeah. They broke out the markers. My scanner loves markers (and doesn't do justice to crayons, which is kind of heartbreaking:( Which is why I closed the parenthesis with a frowny face.

These are from last month's highly popular contest Save the Laughing Children! For this month's Save the Girl Power! flyer, please scroll down.

Here are reviews by Sydney:



And Margaret. I love the colors in this one. Here, Scaredy Squirrel looks brown, but in the actual artwork, he is orange, and wouldn't it be awesome if all squirrels were orange? Maybe this would happen if we left more carrots laying around?

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