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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Third Graders Review Funny Books

Here is our last batch of April reviews by students. Mrs. Brooks' 3rd grade class reviewed the ever-popular Scaredy Squirrel. Most of them loved it, but there was one SCATHING review. I'm glad the student was honest, but I decided not to post it. I will say this: authors, if you've every gotten a bad review (and I have) count your lucky stars it wasn't written by a third grader. They don't pull any punches, people. Whew!

Now, onto the good reviews:

By Eli, clearly a fan of the Scaredy Squirrel franchise, and who listed, as the ideal audience, everybody he knows who has a sense of humor (see explanation in red):

By Ethan, who asked for more nonfiction subject matter regarding squirrels. (As a nonfiction writer, I like comments like that!):

And his sketch:

And Caroline, who notes that the book made her feel both creeped and confident. Well, confidence is always good!

And her sketch!

Great job, Mrs. Brooks' class! The prize will be arriving this week!


  1. Those are adorable! I used to teach third grade. I wish I'd had the class do similar book reviews!

  2. Thanks, Kelly! I think they like giving their opinions!