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Thursday, April 7, 2011

March Kid Reviews

I've been a little behind in my posts. My book launched April 1, so it's been busy. For instance, I had to sign a copy to this fly and his 10,000 children, Alex, Ailis, Alia...

The March Save the Bookworm! reviews are in.

Margarete, 4, participated at the Plaza Library, by reading Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, by Bob Barner and Jennifer West. As you can see, Margarete really liked this book, and thinks that her friend Tiger, who has red hair, would too. Not many books make you feel silly on the top of your tongue! That's better than a starred review.

Here is her picture review. I assumed it was a beetle, but she explained that it was actually a turtle that ate all the bugs. Why don't more reviewers include fake spoilers? Makes things more interesting.

We also have a return of Thomas and Daniel, the Utah brothers with mad coloring skills. They reviewed Interrupting Chicken, by David Ezra Stein. Here is Thomas's review, which has a nice cubist twist:

And Daniel's, which got the thing on the rooster's head (not sure what that's called,) just right!

The kids did a great job. Margarete, the first to turn in a review, gets a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting Larvae: a Guide for Insect Parents (and Curious Children,) by me, ill. by Stephane Jorisch, and, if it's okay with her mother, a pet silkworm. Thomas and Daniel also get a copy of my book, and a toy pet caterpillar.

Congrats, kids!

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