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The contest Save the Picture Book has ended. Telling people about funny, informative, beautiful, or generally awesome picture books continues. I also share middle grade books, book apps, and educational apps that my kids and I like.

Monday, March 21, 2011

This April, Save the Laughing Children! (and the Picture Book)

Next month's theme celebrates funny books! In addition to reviewing funny picture books, it gives kids the opportunity to think about a funny book that they would like to write. I'm posting a little early in case teachers are planning for April Fool's Day. This could be a fun April Fool's Day lesson plan!


  1. Bridget, I'm so excited to have my book included on the April list - thanks so much!


  2. Me, too, Lori! I've already had 5 teachers turn in reviews. I'm going to start posting them tomorrow.