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Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Prizes!

We just received the first book prize for Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.)

Thank you to author Ronica Stromberg and book distributor Independent Publishers Group for sending The Time-for-bed Angel. Kids (and lots of grown ups, too!) need things just so before they settle into bed. At times, it seems only angelic intervention will get the child to sleep. Luckily, Sam has a guardian angel to do just that in this sweet bedtime story.

This book follows next December's theme: Save the Snow Angels! (and the Picture Books.)

(Authors, illustrators, and publishers: To see if your book fits a theme, see the Monthly Themes post. Please keep in mind that new children's books on all topics will be given as prizes to children who send in picture book reviews. Donations are always welcome.)

Book Info:

The Time-for-Bed Angel, by Ronica Stromberg, ill. by Kristina Stephenson, published by Lion's Children, Oxford, England. ISBN 9780745960661

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