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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For Parents, Teachers, Librarians, and Other Very Important People

Thank you for visiting Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.) And thank you for sharing picture books with children.

I recently read a touching story in Publishers Weekly about a dad who worked next door to a bookstore. One day, he bought a picture book for about $14. Because he didn't make a lot of money, he at first felt guilty for the purchase. But after reading it to his daughter every night, and hearing her laugh, he said it was the best $14 he ever spent.

That story brought a tear to my eye. For one thing, it perfectly described what picture books mean to kids--and the people who read to them. It's also a beautiful picture of a father's love for his child.

I'm sure you have a memory (or many memories) of how picture books touched your life, or the life of a child. I'd love to hear about them.

I hope that on this site, you'll find even more ideas for picture books to share with kids, and ideas for ways they can talk about those books through creative reviews. And if your child or classroom wins a book or two in the process, so much the better.

Please note that this promotion encourages people to buy books--or check them out at the library. Or both. (There will always be books on the monthly lists widely available at libraries.) It's all about reading picture books--and the price for that ranges from around $14-to absolutely free!

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