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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Endings

The perfect book to end Save Everything! (and the Picture Book) must be Happy Endings: a Story About Suffixes by Robin Pulver, ill. by Lynn Rowe Reed (Holiday House, 2011.)

In this hilarious follow up to Punctuation Takes a Vacation, Silent Letters Loud and Clear, and Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day, Mr. Wright has saved suffixes for last...as in the last few days of school. Suffixes are so excited that it is finally their turn. But the students are in no mood for studying. They are ready for summer.

Mr. Wright tells the kids they'll have to tackle the endings after lunch. That makes the endings nervous. If they're going to get tackled, they better get in shape! They head to the gym to workout. When the students return, the endings are gone. The students make signs in hopes of finding them. The suffixes on the signs, of course, are missing.

This is a book to read-aloud to introduce endings, but also to let kids spend time with on their own in order to catch everything going on in the illustrations. It's the perfect book to end Save the Picture Book! because there is so much to it, both in terms of learning and making kids laugh.

As the year-long event winds down, here is a wrap-up, by the numbers:

680...the number of picture book reviews by students in preschool through eighth grade.

108...the number of picture books the event promoted, in addition to picture books teachers selected from their libraries.

60...the number of books given away.

18...the number of teachers and school librarians who received picture books for their libraries.

1...the fourth grade teacher who planned to revamp her curriculum to include more picture books.

Unknown...the impact one picture book can have, even if it only brightens somebody's day. That day might be the day that most needed to be brightened!

A big thanks to all of you for making this happen by donating picture books, spreading the word, and most of all voicing your love of picture books!

This blog will now shift gears slightly. The purpose will be two-fold: to share picture book activities and events, and to share children's book reviews. I post very short reviews of picture books, nonfiction, middle grade, and children's book apps and educational apps several times a week on my Facebook page Author Bridget Heos. Actually, they're not really reviews because I only talk about books I like. (Hey, I'm a writer first. I'm not against negative reviews, but I don't want to be a part of them, either.) Here, I'll do a roundup of my "reviews."

I invite you to join in the conversation here or on Facebook. I love hearing what children's books people are reading.

We did it! We saved everything! (and the picture book.) Now I need to go fix some meatballs for my children. The end.

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