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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kids Review Winter Books

Runners up in December's contest were Ms. Oakley's, Ms. McDaniel's, and Mrs. Secrest's 5th grade classes of Sunflower Elementary in Paola, Kan.

First up is Ms. Oakley's class.

Claire reviewed Axle Annie by Robin Pulver, ill. by Tedd Arnold. Kids were asked what book they would write about a snowy memory. She would write a book about sledding with her siblings called Down the Hill We Go!

Abi also reviewed Axle Annie. She said that she like best "that Axle Annie NEVER gave up." I loved the neon yellow of her school bus but it wouldn't show up on the scanned image. Must be a ghost color!

Heaven reviewed Winter is the Warmest Season, by Lauren Stringer. Her book would be about the day her mother jumped on her bed and yelled, "It's Christmas." It would be called The Opposite Christmas. Sounds like a really good idea for a funny book!

Abi also reviewed Snowmen at Christmas, by Caralyn Buehner, ill. by Mark Buehner. She said she liked that there was a dog on every page.

Great job, Ms. Oakley's class!

Next week, more kid reviews and some reviews of our January books.

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