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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Time-for-Bed Angel by Ronica Stromberg, ill. by Kristina Stephenson, (Lion Hudson, 2008.)

Sam stays busy as Andrew's guardian angel. There are messes to clean up and boo boos to prevent. His work is hardest at the end of the day, when he must help Andrew set things right for bed time--arranging his stuffed animals in the right order, finding his teddy bear, etc. Will he ever end up safe and sound in bed?

Kids will be comforted by the idea of a guardian angel to help them through the travails of the day, and parents will relate to the time before bed, when kids can become busy and anxious. Just when it seems like all is lost...sleep comes!

Good night and sweet dreams to 2011. There is one more month of Save the Picture Book next year!

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