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Friday, December 9, 2011

Kids Review Hero Books

Save the Picture Book! is catching fire at Sunflower Elementary in Paola, Kan. Jamie McDaniel's 5th grade class returned to the contest this month, along with two new 5th grade participants, Julie Oakley's class and Jayme Secrest's class.

These classes read Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming, ill. by Nancy Carpenter, The Wall by Eve Bunting, ill. by Ronald Himler, Mighty Max, by Harriet Ziefert, Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace by James Proimos, and Wind Flyers by Angela Johnson, ill. by Loren Long. I was happy to learn of this last book, which is about the Tuskegee Airmen.

In addition to reviewing the books this month, kids were asked what heroic thing (big or small) they have done or would like to do. These are very heroic students. In Ms. Oakley's class...

Jake, 11, held the door open for 5 different families. Here is his drawing of Imogene rallying the troops:

Chloe, 11, has collected 20 coats for charity through the Girl Scouts (a very heroic organization.) Abi, 10, and J.P., 11, have both saved their dogs' lives! Kailey prevented her baby brother from cracking his head on concrete. Heaven, 11, donated all her money to charity. Here is Heaven's drawing of Paulie Pastrami sharing a cupcake:

Looking ahead, Luke, 10, would like to save all the hurt animals, and Riley, 10, would like to capture a bad guy. And looking ahead to next week...the other two fifth grade classes' reviews!

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