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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kid Reviews: Hero Books Part 3

Ms. McDaniel's fifth grade students reviewed The Wall by Eve Bunting, ill. by Ronald Himler, Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming, ill. by Nancy Carpenter, Wind Flyers by Angela Johnson, ill. by Loren Long, and Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace, by James Proimos.

This month, students also shared heroic acts they have done or would like to do. Kids are often underestimated. Meanwhile, they're saving their pets' lives, their friends' lives, their younger siblings' lives...

Antwuan helped a kid who got in a bad bicycle wreck get to an ambulance. He drew Mighty Max.

Here is his drawing of Imogene stopping the bulldozer.

Anjel stopped a friend from getting run over by a truck. He drew a picture of Imogene's rally signs.

Evyn helped her little sister across a deep pool when she was scared. She drew the mayor in Imogene's Last Stand, who wanted to tear down a historic building to make way for a shoelace factory.

She also drew a plane from Wind Flyers.

Looking forward, Santiago said he would like to make the world breathable in all areas.

Great job, Ms. McDaniel's class, and all the students at Sunflower Elementary in Paola, Kan., for being heroes to those around you and for being picture book heroes. Somebody should write a book about you! Picture books are coming your way after break.

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