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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October's Theme: Monsters & Marsupials

It's time for October's Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.) This month's theme is brought to you by the letter M, which brings two groups together at last: monsters and marsupials.

The reason for the seemingly disparate subjects: my picture book, What to Expect When You're Expecting Joeys: a Guide for Marsupial Parents (and Curious Kids) comes out this month...and so do monsters and other scary creatures.

Actually, once upon a time, there were some monstrous-looking marsupials, including a saber-toothed marsupial and a large horned marsupial that looked like a rhinoceros (in fact, no relation to saber-toothed cats or rhinoceroses.)These creatures or their fossils may have inspired stories of scary creatures long ago in Australia.

On this month's list, you'll find spooky, funny, and interesting books about monsters and marsupials. I hope your kids or students will read, review, and win picture books! Please find directions and review worksheets on this printable flyer:


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  1. I'm honored to have my spooky/funny picture book "The Haunted Hamburger" on your "books to be saved" list this month, Bridget!

    Yes, let's save Monsters and Marsupials and Mega-amounts of Marvelous Picture Books.