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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Save the Lapfing Children in Pfeffernut County!: More April Kid Book Reviews

Announcing--our first out of town school book reviews! These are from Sunflower Elementary in Paola, Kan., which is about an hour from Kansas City, and happens to be where my grandma and grandpa grew up (in apartments down the hall from each other--a sweet story for another day. For now, a Fact of the Day: The sunflower is both the Kansas state flower and nickname--"the Sunflower State.")

Jamie McDaniel's fifth grade class reviewed a variety of funny picture books. From their reviews, I learned about a cool new series! The Pfeffernut County books, published by Capstone, are about, well, Pfeffernut County. It's a place on the prairie. (Perhaps in Minnesota, where Capstone is based. Or perhaps in Kansas, another beautiful prairie state.)

In Pfeffernut County, people dream big! I love books that tell stories about people in a small community and think this is a great idea for a kids' series.

Here are a couple reviews--by Noah and Drew--for Henry Shortbull Swallows the Sun, by Jill Kalz, ill. by Sahin Erkocak (Capstone, 2008.)

And two for Farmer Cap, also by Kalz and Erkocak, reviewed by Sabrina and Lydia.

And now for a book not in the series, How to Lose All Your Friends, by Nancy Carlson, (Puffin, 1997.) This was reviewed by Carrie.

The Sunflower fifth graders did a great job, and as runners up in the Save the Laughing Children! (and the Picture Book) contest, they will receive two picture books, plus something funny (but useful.) Well done, kids!


  1. Not only am I a fan of your book, I love your book reviews! I wanted to spread the word about this lovely blog, so I have given you The Stylish Blogger Award. If you stop by my blog, you can see what it is about. Should you choose not to pass it on, that is perfectly fine too.

  2. Thank you so much, Care! This sounds like fun!