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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May: Save the Girl Power! (and the Picture Book)

I'm really excited about May's theme: Save the Girl Power! (and the Picture Book.) Originally, it was to be Save the Pink Princesses! (and the Tomboy Princesses,) but I realized that it left out books in which the girls are neither. Books like The Little Piano Girl, in which the girl is a brilliant musician, Summer Birds, in which the girl is a scientist in the Middle Ages, and Stand Straight, Ella Kate, in which the girl is a real-life giant.

I figured that Girl Power more accurately summed up what these books are all about: the power of being yourself, whether that's princess-y, rough and tumbly, or anything else.

Also, with more and more teachers participating in Save Everything! (and the Picture Book,) I think they'll have an easier time convincing the boys in their classes to read about girl power, as opposed to pink princesses. I mean, everybody loves girl power. (Well, almost everybody.)

To be sure, there are some princess and fairy books on this list, too. As I recall from history, princesses are pretty powerful. And fairies, well, they pretty much rule the forest.

Here is the printable flyer, with all the instructions. Good luck, and thank you for Saving the Girl Power! (and the Picture Book.)

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