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The contest Save the Picture Book has ended. Telling people about funny, informative, beautiful, or generally awesome picture books continues. I also share middle grade books, book apps, and educational apps that my kids and I like.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Individual Prize Winners for Save the Sweetness!

Congratulations to 7-year-old Thomas and 5-year-old Daniel in Utah, and 3-year-old Sophia in Kansas City for Saving the Sweetness! (and the Sweet Picture Book.) Each of these children will get a sweet picture book...and a sweet for sending in reviews. Thomas read this book:

Here is his fantastic review:

Daniel read this picture book:

My scanner is not doing his review justice. In real (paper) life, it has the most beautiful colors. These boys from Utah know their way around a box of Crayolas! But you can still see the range of emotion in his excellent review!

This next beautifully executed review by Sophia of Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart, by Jane O'Connor, ill. by Robin Preiss Glasser, shows that you don't have to stick to the list...and that stickers are always welcome. (Why don't more grownup book reviewers utilize heart-shaped stickers? It would be a nice touch...especially for scathing reviews!)

Also, seventh grade reviewers in Kansas City will each receive a chocolate bunny for their reviews of Benny's Chocolate Bunny. When I talk to big kids, I encourage them to read picture books to the kids they babysit. It's fun...and it's a great way to shift gears when things get tough!

The neat thing is, big kids still enjoy being read picture books. I showed this to the seventh graders while on a school visit as an example of a picture book for very young children:

They begged me to read it to them. When you think about it, they would have been the audience for this book just 10 years ago.

Here are their reviews!


  1. Thanks for doing this, it has been great fun for my kids. My boys loved seeing their pictures online and loved getting books in the mail.

  2. I'm glad the books arrived. Your boys did a great job!