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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This February: Save the Sweetness! (and the Sweet Picture Book)

Looking for a sweet Valentine's Day (or any day) activity?

Save Everything! (and the Picture Book) allows kids to:

1. Read picture books.
2. Write (or draw) reviews.
3. Win picture books.

Teachers and school librarians can win books for their classrooms and libraries, too.

February's theme is Save the Sweetness! (and the Sweet Picture Book.)

It includes lots of sweet books for the younger picture book set. If your library or bookstore doesn't have a book on the list, choose any new-ish sweet picture book.

It's FREE to participate. The purpose of this program is to show the wide range of picture books available for all ages and interests. They're great for literacy, sharing, and imagination (not to mention fun!)

Here is the printable February flyer, which includes book review worksheets for little and big kids:

Thank you for Saving the Sweetness! (and the Sweet Picture Book.)

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