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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Plaza Library Loves Picture Books!

I met with April Roy, youth services director of the Kansas City Public Library, the other day. April was recently elected to the 2012 Caldecott Committee, so throughout the year, she'll receive more than a 1,000 picture books from publishers to read and consider. Luckily, April loves picture books!

And...she's going to promote Save Everything! (and the Picture Book) through the library. At the Plaza Library, there will be a Save the Picture Book! display beginning in February. This will include books from the "official" list, which will be posted on February 1, and other picture books that follow that month's theme.

In February, the theme is Save the Sweetness! (and the Sweet Picture Book.)

They will be mostly new books, as one purpose of this promotion is to show that though we all love the classics, lots of wonderful picture books are being created today...and many will be our children's classics.

April is also bundling picture books with chapter books, to show older kids, and their parents, that if they love a chapter book, they'll also love this similar picture book.

I'm doing a Friday Family Fun Night in March, when the theme will be Save the Bookworms! (and the Picture Books They Eat.)

April has lots of other great ideas that I'll let you know about when the time comes. This is an exciting partnership with a great library!


  1. The Plaza Library in Kansas City is fantastic! I had a chance to visit there when I was in town last fall. And April sounds like a perfect person to help promote this great cause. Yay!

  2. It's a great library and April is awesome! Any authors/illustrators coming to Kansas City should definitely pay the Plaza Library a visit. In fact, I'm headed there today with my kids during their snow day!