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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be the Hero! Save the World! (and the Picture Book)

This package arrived on our snowy doorstep yesterday:

It contained one of our super secret February books by Janee Trasler...plus a couple October prizes! A fringe benefit of this contest: reading the picture book prizes to my family. After reading two books from the white box to my youngest son, he surprised me by reading the third book on his own--for the first time ever!

Also received a May girl power book by Diane Adams...and a thrilling book about something that zooms. My two older sons sometimes read chapter books while I read my youngest picture books. I love when, after hearing the first couple lines of the picture book, they set down their novels to listen to the rest, which is what they did with these books.

Now, would you like to have your own box of picture book joy delivered to your home or classroom?

To find out how to participate in Save Everything! (and the Picture Book) in January, skip forward to the next post.

Here are our four picture prizes for January...plus world puzzles and Guinness World Records 2011.

Here are a few ways people are participating in Save Everything! (and the Picture Book:)

A school librarian is having her eighth grade participate as part of a picture book unit. A fourth grade teacher is doing the project with her class. And a mother is using the lists for a reading project with her son. With him off to sports practices frequently with his dad, she wanted to spend some mother-son time.

Finally please check out the author/illustrator Web sites on this page. They have been updated to include those who have generously donated their books to be used as prizes (or whose books have been donated by their publishers.) A big thanks for their support of Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.)

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